There I was not doing as much as I could or should in life
There I was not succeeding in life as much as I could or should.

So there I was being really f**king bored!

And it was driving me insane.

I realized lack of confidence was the key issue here.

Believe you can, and you try.
Believe you can’t, and you don’t

Don’t do, how do you know?
The I can’t do it loop.

Thus I realised life is all about having a can do it attitude!

But how? to learn it the easiest way?
Without many costly or time consuming failures or successes?

But how? without spending $$$ on bogus courses?
(there’s a lot of junk out there)!

But how? without spending $$$ on various therapies?
(that don’t always work!)

Whilst deeply researching (scouring the internet) this issue I stumbled upon nudge theory!

BINGO! The answer became suddenly apparent!
Positive statements of encouragement.

And candoitattitude.com was born!

I’m %100 sure there are many people in the same boat! 🙁

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